About the Server

The server is not online from 10:30pm to 8:00am German time

The Server is a Minecraft Survivalserver. I started hosting this server as a quarantine project where I can play with my friends. I am also hosting the discord server.

Featured builds

These are the featured buildings. If you want your building listed here, send me the coordinates on discord and I will decide if the building is getting featured here.

This list may be outdated

Base from _Foxy_Boy_
Base from _Foxy_Boy_
Base from doc_element63e
Base from doc_element63e
Base from hq5
Base from hq5
Base from Xengineer
Base from Xengineer


This is the support. If you have any problems with the server, ask them for help.


Minecraft: DigitalVideoDisk

Discord: Schmensch#9254

Rank: Owner


Minecraft: H4ifisch

Discord: H4ifisch#6396

Rank: Moderator


Minecraft: StarMiner99

Discord: StarMiner99#8066

Discord-Nick: StarMiner99

Rank: Developer


All datapacks are from VanillaTweaks.net

Used are AFK Display, Coordinates HUD, Double Shulker Shells,Durability Ping, Track Statistics, Track raw Statistics, Larger Phantoms, Silence Mobs, Multiplayer Sleep, Redstone Rotation Wrench and Terracotta Rotation Wrench.

Custom recipies

All custom recipies are from Vanillatweaks.net

Used are Craftable Notch Apples, Craftable Gravel, Back To Blocks, Double Slab Crafting, More Bricks Crafting, Rotten Flesh To Leather, Uncraftable Ice and Uncraftable Nether Wart Block.

All custom recipies



CoreProtect saves every block you change, every item wich was in your inventory and much more.

Link to CoreProtect

The DiscordPlugin adds the command /discord, which allows you to get the link to our discord.

Link to the DiscordPlugin


This plugin makes it possible to get heads from players and mobs.

link to DropHeads

EssentialsX brings a bunch of quality of live changes to commands and adds even new ones like /invsee.

Link to EssentialsX


If you have FastLeafDecay installed, leafes are going to dissapear much quicker. This is more of a deal than you might think!

Link to FastLeafDecay

GriefPrevention has many features, but I'm just going to cover one of them namely the land claiming aspect of this plugin. This feature is really practical if you try to protect your base. The used tool to claim land is the golden shovel.

Link to GriefPrevention


With mydog you can level your dogs. The higher the level of your dog, the more health has and the more and damage it makes. Your dogs also get custom names!

Link to MyDog

NoMobGriefing is like the gamerule noMobGriefing, but you can configure which mob makes damage and which don't.

Link to NoMobGriefing


With SilkSpawner, you can mine spawners, if you have the enchantement silk touch.

Link to SpawnerSilk

Worldedit is a pretty nice administrative and building plugin. It allows you to make spheres, cubes and much more with just one tool.

Link to WorldEdit


Dynmap adds a over the browser accessible map, wich also has live update.

My Dynmap
Link to Dynmap

If you die and you have DeadChest installed, your items aren't gonna land on the ground. They will rather land in a chest, wich only you can open. Thus way your items are save if you die.

Link to DeathChest

TAB makes your tablist to look way more fancy. It can even display useful information!

Link to TAB
Wither Anti Cheat

Wither Anti Cheat (short WitherAC) is a rather new anti-cheat plugin. It dissallows stuff like wrong mevement, speedhacks, killaura and many other hacks of that kind.

Link to Wither Anti Cheat

Luckperms is a free, easy-to-use permissions plugin. It allows for creating certain groups wich are only be able to use certain commands or do certain actions like breaking a block.

Link to LuckPerms