All custom recipies

Here you can find all custom recipies.

Example Recepie for Back To Blocks
Back To Blocks

With Back To Blocks, you can craft stairs and slabs back to their full-block counterparts.

Example Recepie for Craftable Gravel
Craftable Gravel

Turns four flint into one gravel

Example Recepie for Craftable Notch Apples
Craftable Notch Apple

Brings back the 1.8.9-recepie for Notch Apples

Example Recepie for Double Slab Crafting
Double Slab Crafting

One block in the crafting grid gives you two slabs.

Example Recepie for More Bricks Crafting
More Bricks Crafting

Four bricks now give you four brick blocks.

Example Recepie for Rotten Flesh To Leather
Rotten Flesh To Leather

Baking rotten flesh in a oven gives you leather. You can not get expirience with this feature.

Example Recepie for Uncraftable Ice
Uncraftable Ice

Allows you to get packed ice out of blue ice and ice out of packed ice.

Example Recepie for Uncraftable Nether Wart Block
Uncraftable Nether Wart Block

Allows you to get netherwart back by placing a nether wart block in the crafting grid.